The Company

We are a company dedicated to the creation and production of interactive projects for physical spaces. Associated to new technologies, we provide our customers the competitive edge for the visibility of their products. For us everything is possible. We believe the future starts now. That is why we invest in high-technology research to develop projects with the following features: face recognition, touchscreen and multi-touchscreen navigability, as well as Bluetooth and Augmented Reality.

In Zuannon Interactive.Life, the new media are used as communication tools in public and private spaces providing different sensory stimuli to projects. Thus, companies can now interact with their customers in an innovative way, providing a fun and immersive experience through interactivity.

Our interactive projects adapt to all types of spaces and they can be customized according to the specific needs of each customer. They are designed for fairs, events, lounges and stands, or even permanently, for shopping malls, retail outlets, stores, facilities and educational, cultural and entertaining spaces.

Our goal is to keep our customers one step ahead of competitors by adding an inventive and innovative character to their products, and therefore creating a revolutionary communication channel that is interactive and more appealing for the advertisement of their brand.